Under regime we understand detailed order of life, work, rest, nutrition, sleep etc. Strictly established and rigorous followed regime is the basic condition for success in the sport of fighting. For creation of rational regime it is necessary to be planned, when and what the fighter have to do during the day, the week, the year and even years ahead.

In the regime have to be established strictly the times for:
– Waking up

– Morning training

– Breakfast (and its quantity)

– Working

– Lunchtime

– Dinnertime

– When and with what intensity he is training

– When and what he is doing in his free of work and training time

– Bedtime.

In the weekly regime should be included in what day what load of training the fighter receives. In the yearly regime is foreseen when fighter starts his camp training, when he trains with maximum intensity, and when with low and moderate one.

Establishing a regime allows the body to develop certain adaptations and to achieve such readjustment of its work, which allows achievement of high athletic results. Violation of established regime causes resetting of the organism of the athlete. Imposed and established rhythm of its work is disturbed. It is mandatory going to bed and waking up, working and training in same time. Only strict and systematic following of the established sports regime allows the fighter to perform on his maximum abilities.

During planning, have to be considered regime which is correct and optimal. Not enough or too much (sleep, training load, food) lead to negative results. More deviation from optimal requirements, more damage from the violation of the regime.

Consult your coach to help you with creation of your regime and to help you consider:
–  your work activities,

– personal life

– and current training plan of your team.

Comment with other tips and tricks you do when designing your training regime?




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