If a fighter is faster and stronger than his opponent it is in his interest to impose his own techniques on him. In addition, for such a fighter there are openings created in the moments when the opponent is trying to attack. If the opponent is playing completely defensively, it is necessary to use the opportunities to make him attack and to create opening. In such situation, come useful the methods of the tactical training as feints and combinations.

Opponent who is fast in his actions and reactions is a dangerous one. A strong fighter who have to deal with a fast one, have to be extremely careful and if possible to use movement restriction and/or longer distance. It is recommended to attack, when he is certain in the success of it, and have to act decisively without hesitation.

A physically strong fighter has to aim to execute technical actions where to utilize his advantage in best possible way. He has to act decisively in the first minutes of the match, when he is fresh and strong. A fast fighter dealing with a strong one has to bring the match in such a pace, so to tire down and weaken him physically. It is important not to let such a strong opponent to establish grip or clinch, because it will be hard to escape from it.

Suggested conditional sparring for practice of this tactics:
– Fighter 1 is asked to wait for attack and only counter attack, while Fighter 2 is asked to attack all the time.

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