Opponent Research Methods

Research is conducted in order to gather information necessary for building the game plan. Research is conducted:

– before competition, and
– during competition .

Before competition the Research is conducted by investigating coaches and athletes, observing the training of the opponent, participating in other less important competitions or mutual training.

During competition the research is conducted by observation and during a match by actions.

All types of opponent research have the aim to collect:

1. Information about the technical arsenal of the opponent: level of proficiency in offensive or defensive techniques

2. Information about physical conditioning of the opponent: strength, endurance, speed, agility, flexibility

3. Information about opponents strategy: his preferred game plan

4. Information about opponents mental preparation and will

5. Information about the conditions the match/ competition will be held.

It is important to consider during the research that the most correct information can be obtained only by the way of combat. The information obtained by other forms of research is secondary. Such information always needs to be cross checked by different ways. More information collected more accurate game plan can be built.

If the information is received long time before the competition it has to be systematized. On competition relevant information has to be collected till the moment of the weight ins.

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