The Fight Is All Podcast #5 Galin Panchev

Galin Panchev from Pekiti Tirsia Kali Bulgaria

Galin is a Street Weapon Fighting and Self Defense specialist. He has a great page and YouTube channel where he explores the very interesting area of weapon fighting and streetwise self-defense. He works in testing the application of common weapons used on the streets in realistic scenarios including pepper spray, batons, knifes and pistols and by that debunking a lot of self-defense myths and illusions. If you are interested in the subject I strongly recommend subscribing to his page and channel, because a street violence happens anywhere in the world and the knowledge how to react properly in an extreme situation can save the life and health of yourself and someone you love.

You can access Galin’s work on:

YouTube or Facebook

Where he shares a lot of his tactical experiments, techniques and training drills.
if you are watching this on Youtube I will start the episode with one of my favorite videos of his channel named “10 SELF DEFENSE Techniques Against a Knife Attack That Will Get You Killed” and I hope you will enjoy and learn from this episode as much as I did.

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