The Fight Is All Podcast #11 Ameer Mood

Ameer Mood In this episode with talk about the unique druze culture, his story for his supposed-to-be-spiritual trip to Nepal and funny experience with the hallucinogenic mad honey and he also gives a shady travel hack on the top of it. You can follow Ameer at Instagram And what follows is the funniest episode I […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #10 Hayden Absalom & Stuart Ashby

Hayden Absalom & Stuart Ashby Hayden is the first Australian IMMAF Youth MMA medallist from the historically first Youth MMA World Championship held in Rome August 2019. He is coached by Stuart Ashby in TMG MMA in Brisbane who is very experienced both in fighting and coaching. To follow or train with the TMG MMA […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #9 Ervis Pashollari

Ervis Pashollari is 3rd degree black belt in Olympic Taekwondo and A Class kickboxing instructor and Certified IMMAF instructor in Albania He started his MMA program as my affiliate and we talk about his impressions after the first IMMAF MMA coaching certification course in Albania organised by Federata Shqipëtare e Ndeshjes së Lirë-MMA. Ervis is […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #8 Stefan Petrov

Stefan Petrov This is his inspirational story of long life martial artist, starting judo pretty much from cradle becoming Judo and Sambo – multiple national champions Than he became my student in MMA in Bulgaria and as such he achieved: Combat Sambo National Champion, Combat Sambo European Medallist. MMA – National Champion This is his […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #7 Scott Steer & Veteran Grappling

Scott Steer is a combat army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He is Judo black belt competing and coaching over the years for Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and the Australian & New Zealand national teams in Judo. Scott is founder of the Veteran Grappling community program developed to offer free lessons in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #6 The Fight Dietitian Jordan Sullivan

The Fight Dietitian Jordan Sullivan Jordan is combat athlete himself and has an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, and a Masters of Dietetic studies. He is working with amateur and professional UFC level athletes. His The Fight Science Podcast Is my favorite one, he talks with various scientists involved in the combat sports […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #5 Galin Panchev

Galin Panchev from Pekiti Tirsia Kali Bulgaria Galin is a Street Weapon Fighting and Self Defense specialist. He has a great page and YouTube channel where he explores the very interesting area of weapon fighting and streetwise self-defense. He works in testing the application of common weapons used on the streets in realistic scenarios including […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #4 Brian Ebersole

Brian Ebersole is super cool and relaxed person when you meet him and have been fighting pretty much everywhere UFS, Shooto, Strikeforce, King of the Cage just to name a few. His official statistics is 71 fights with 51 victories. In the memories of the UFC fans he remains with his signature chest arrow and […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #3 Hamish Robertson

Coach Hamish Robertson Hamish Robertson is from New Zealand and as all kiwis I know in a very cool way he combines being super calm, smiley and cool with his warrior spirit and experience. In this conversation we are talking about some similar mistakes we did during our fighting careers and now as coaches now […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #2 Ed Bavelock

Ed Bavelock is current Australian IMMAFA national team coach: In addition to his wrestling background he is also United States kickboxing champion and passionate about the art of muay-thai. As a coach Ed Bavelock is experienced working with large range of people from their start into the combat sport up to the UFC cage. His […]