Under regime we understand detailed order of life, work, rest, nutrition, sleep etc. Strictly established and rigorous followed regime is the basic condition for success in the sport of fighting. For creation of rational regime it is necessary to be planned, when and what the fighter have to do during the day, the week, the […]

Fight Club Bully Team 2018 Summery

In the last day of this year is time for summery of 2018 for our team: Competitions Our athletes competed in amateur and professional MMA, amateur and professional Grappling, fought in the biggest MMA network in Russia and also fought to support charity: 13.01.2018 SFC6: Warrior Honor. Sofia, Bulgaria. 21.01.2018 Grappling Industries Brisbane. Australia. 18.02.2018 […]

20.12.2018 Sportsman Of The City Ceremony. Kyustendil, Bulgaria

Miroslav Hadzhijski was awarded at the Sportsman Of The City Ceremony in his birth-town Kyustendil . This was the end of the sports year for Fight Club Bully Team in Bulgaria a year in which our team won more than 15 medals from different tournaments. This is great recognition for the MMA sport in the […]

Self-Training As a Method of Will Development for Fighters

Physical culture, especially involvement in any sport, is impossible without SELF-TRAINING. SELF-TRAINING for an athlete is developed by performing list of requirements. First of all you should KNOW YOURSELF, being able to ACCESS YOUR POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES, assessing critically your own behaviour. One has to be able to LISTEN TO OTHERS opinion as well. Developing Self […]

15.12.2018 Real Grappling Challenge 7. Sofia, Bulgaria

We competed at Real Grappling Challenge 7 with 7 competitors that brought to the team 5 medals: Alexander Petrov – vicechampion youngsters -60 kg Alexander Petrov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Plamen Dimitrov – … Alexander Petrov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Ivan Zhelyazkov (Sandev Fight Team) – … Ognyan Ognyanov – medallist youngsters -72 kg Ognyan Ognyanov (Bully […]

30.11.2018 National Boxing Tournament for Police Forces 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria

Bully Team Bulgaria main coach Vladimir Pavlov won the National Boxing Tournament for Police Forces 2018 and made another entry into Bully Team Wall of Fame. Bully Team champions record their achievements at Bully Team’s Wall of Fame. For more pictures and comments, please visit our Facebook page. Bully Team athletes compete equipped by Primus […]

Tactics in Sport Fighting

I. UNDERSTANDING TACTICS IN SPORT FIGHTING Under the term “tactics” we understand the ability of a fighter to assess the situation development in a fight and according that to choose most appropriate way to the victory. Tactics in sport fighting includes the following elements: COLLECTING INFORMATION about developing situation at competition ANALYZING the received information […]

10.11.2018 Nubia Fight Night, Mainz-Kostheim, Germany

On 10.11.2018 was held Nubia Fight Night in Mainz-Kostheim, Germany. At this event Emil Asenov fought Kevin Kubis. Kevin Kubis (Nubia-Sports) VS Emil Asenov (No Fear Gym) – decision We were happy to see Emil back in the ring adapting his boxing for MMA rules. For more pictures and comments, please visit our Facebook page.

10.11.2018 Skopje Jiu Jitsu Open 2018, Macedonia

At 10.11.2018 in Macedonia was held Skopje Jiu-Jitsu Open 2018. After dropping 5 kg for 48 hours Yuliyan Georgiev become medalist under 63 kg. For more pictures and comments, please visit our Facebook page. Bully Team athletes are equipped by Primus Fight Gear.