The benefits of Fight Analyses and how to make them useful

Creating Fight Memories is crucial in developing Fight Experience.  One of the easiest ways, without doing the entire hard work and without taking the beating is analyzing the fights of your teammates.

There are different ways to do it, some very sophisticated, some more simple, which fit in different people’s mentality. We propose a basic checklist to follow in order to do it correctly:
– find possible mistakes

– mark the strong sides of the game as well

– propose drills and solutions to improve your teammate’s game.

Doing fight analysis of yourself and your teammates helps in developing strategic thinking and provides solutions in case we find ourselves in similar situations while competing. Since as a team you train together, you can also see necessary adjustments, and common mistakes that may determine if the techniques you practice are applied successfully in competition or not.

However it is very important to do the precious exercise of fight analysis before your coach or advanced teammates do it, because in this way as a novice fighter you practice your own strategic skills, express your own opinion and sometimes you may even give original ideas to your coaches. Otherwise, what often happens is, when young competitors was lazy or late, after the advanced teammates and the coaches breakdown the fight, they miss a precious opportunity to generate experience while someone else is fighting.

Fight Analyses are powerful tool for competitors to gain precious fight experience, however you cannot expect gains without effort, and missing the opportunity to get some experience just by engaging your brain into it is a shame. As a member of a team by analyzing your teammates fights, you not only help your team improve but make yourself better and more experienced fighter.


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