1. OFF-BALANCE – grappling move in standing or ground game where by physical contact in different directions – forward, backwards, sideways, down – the grappler forces his opponent to move his center of gravity out of the plane of balance, so the opponent to lose his stability posture.
  2. FAINTS – grappling move that forces the opponent to undertake certain defense or to initiate offensive technique. With that the grappler performing the faint creates favorable condition for performing his planned move.
  3. MANEUVERS – grappling move in a match, consisting of movement on the mat in different directions (with or without established grip) with the goal to find position, comfortable for performance of planned technique.
  4. CONSTRAINS – grappling move consisting of holding hands, legs or different parts of opponents’ body, with the goal to limit his actions, physical or mental fatigue and switching his attention from setup of prepared technique.

Do you master them all or have a favorite strategy?

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