31.10.2017 Grappling workshop with Grigor Novakov. Gold Coast, Australia.

Our Gold Coast gym was visited by Grigor Novakov, who was our guest coach at 31.10.2017. Grigor demonstrated us Movement Patterns Drills applicable in the Grappling and MMA sport, and showed us some principles of his pressure leglock game.

Thanks for the lesson Grisha!

Grigor has more than 25 years experience in Kickboxing, Submission grappling and MMA. He has been teaching and competing since 2001. Grigor is:

Submission grappling instructor under master Gokor Chivichyan and

JKD/Eskrima instructor under GM Lyubomir Yordanov and GM Richard Bustillo.

Between 2001 – 2004 as part of IMASTI he was instructor in unarmed combat and close range weapons of Bulgarian Police Force, The American Embassy in Bulgaria and major Bank Security organisations.

He was the first Bulgarian Submission grappling champion and the first coach in this art at Hayastan MMA Academy Bulgaria.

Apart from fighting, Greg has a degree in Bulgarian bag conditioning system designed especially for dynamic strength, fat burn and movement ability.

Greg has coached people from all skill levels, from pro fighters to sports enthusiasts. Some of his students and training partners are World and European champions in San-da, Combat Sambo and MMA.

Recognition and awards:
– 1-st place, 2016 Grappling Industries Sydney, Advanced Heavyweight Masters division;
– 3-rd place, 2008 National rang-list of Bulgaria;
– 1-st place, 2007 Submission Grappling Bulgarian National Championships;
– 3-rd place, 2006 Submission Grappling European Open;
– 1-st place, 2005 MMA Challenge Sofia, heavyweights;
– 1-st place, 2003 San-da Open championships, absolute division;
– 4 Professional MMA fights;
– Certified Combat Wrestling Coach
– Certified full instructor in JKD and Eskrima;
– Certified conditioning trainer, Bulgarian Bag system;
Certificate 3 in Fitness

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