27.09-01.10.2022 IMMAF European Championships 2022 Lignano Sabbiadoro Italy

From 27.09 to 01.10.2022 was held IMMAF European Championships 2022 in Lignano Sabbiadoro Italy.

Coach Sevastiyan was working on Cage 2, while Iliyana volunteered with the doping control and as CutGirl for our team there.

Part of the activities was a Microstretching coaching seminar with Dr. Nikos Apostolopoulos. Sports science continues to be amazing and I am planing a separate article dedicated to the topic once I manage to wrap my head around it a bit more.

Bulgarian team lead by coach Ivaylo Georgiev won 3 medals:
Plamen Georgiev – medalist JUNIORS / MEN / M: BANTAMWEIGHT 61.2 KG (135 LBS)
Grigoriy Stoychev – JUNIORS / MEN / M: BANTAMWEIGHT 61.2 KG (135 LBS)
Petar Nedkov – JUNIORS / MEN / M: FEATHERWEIGHT 65.8 KG (145 LBS)
Viktor Ivanov – JUNIORS / MEN / M: LIGHTWEIGHT 70.3 KG (155 LBS)
Milen Fetov – JUNIORS / MEN / M: WELTERWEIGHT 77.1 KG (170 LBS)
Tea Aresu – medalist JUNIORS / WOMEN / F: FLYWEIGHT 56.7 KG (125 LBS)
Radostin Georgiev – SENIORS / MEN / M: LIGHTWEIGHT 70.3 KG (155 LBS)
Nikolay Hitov – SENIORS / MEN / M: LIGHTWEIGHT 70.3 KG (155 LBS)
Bozhidar Ivanov – medalist SENIORS / MEN / M: WELTERWEIGHT 77.1 KG (170 LBS)
We hope we managed to give our humble support to coach Ivaylo Georgiev to our best efforts.

Some stats and Coaching analysis of dominant techniques:

1. Ways to Win (All Matches)
51% WRESTLING more than half of all matches won by decision, primarily through dominant cage or ground position
34% SUBMISSIONS ground grappling is the most successful way to finish matches
13% G&P is the method to achieve TKO
2% STANDING STRIKES least finishes are made by knockout

2. Ways to win the finals
71% WRESTLING In the finals, grappling is an even more dominant factor for victory
17% SUBMISSIONS submission rate drops sharply as contestants level rise
12% G&P interestingly, pounding maintain its efficiency with the overall ratio of all fights
0% STANDING STRIKES impressively, there is not a single knockout from standing strikes in the finals

3. Effectiveness of submissions in MMA
RNC 33% back choke holds as most effective submission in 1/3 of all submission finishes
ARMBAR 22% followed by the armbar
KNEEBAR 2% of leg submissions the Kneebar in AMMA is found to be twice more effective as the Ankle Lock probably due to the presence of shinguards

Beside the numbers my personal impression for the dominating style this time is:
– boxing
– very few high kicks at all except massive use of lowkicks as compliment to boxing
– a lot of G&P many of the RNC finishes are practically due to opponent turning from pounding
– Submission game is stripped down to very few but very well polished moves as seen by the graphs.

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Used Cageside Photos credits:
Cage 1 – IMMAF/Manuel Sances
Cage 2 – IMMAF/Marc Moggridge
Cage 3 – IMMAF/Franco Moret
& IMMAF/Lee Hamilton-Cooper

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