For different techniques exist certain positions, where their execution is comfortable. Situation comfortable for a move can be created by: – using strength to force your partner into – maneuvering by changing your grip, distance, footwork – deception, faints For most submissions it is necessary to be able to take your opponent into the ground […]

22.02.2019 Stefan Petrov promoted to 10 Planet JJ purple belt. London UK.

Congrats to Stefan Petrov for his well deserved 10 Planet JJ purple belt. He is also: 1. multiple champion in BJJ and grappling 2. MMA champion 3. Judo black belt 4. Sambo, Combat Sambo, and Hand To Hand fighting national team member 5. Wrestling instructor  6. Professional grappler Stefan currently trains and competes in 10 Planet […]


Overtraining is a result from prolonged loading. Overtraining or overstrain as a rule is result from frequent training with intensive and unvaried physical and neurological loads (with stronger opponents). First sign of overtraining is the sleep disorder (mainly when falling asleep). The fighter becomes nervous, loses speed, his coordination disrupts; the color of his skin […]

16.02.2019 Grappling Industries Gold Coast, Australia

At 16.02.2019 was held Grappling Industries Gold Coast, Australia. Our teammate Noureddine Chamma went true up at downs in his preparation for his first competition, including almost being stopped from competing from the coaching staff week before the competition itself. However Noureddine embraced the challenge, find himself into the competition, and was able to show heart. No Gi […]

16.02.2019 Anderson Silva Brisbane Seminar

My personal BIG THANKS to Matt Walton from XFC for providing me the chance to get in touch and learn from the Greatest Of All Times in our sport, and for everything he does for development of our sport in the area. For more pictures and comments, please visit our Facebook page.


Sport competitions are important part of pedagogic process in training of an athlete. Competitions are best test for physical, moral and will capabilities of the fighter, but also a test for the work of his team and coaches. Competitions help the exchange of information for the work of coaches and athletes, help spreading of good […]

09.02.2019 Eastern Europe BJJ Open Championship. Sofia, Bulgaria.

At 09.02.2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria was held Eastern Europe BJJ Open Championship. Fight Club Bully Team was presented by seven athletes: Men Gi white belt -72 kg Yulian Georgiev Men Gi blue belt -78 kg Vladimir Pavlov – medallist Men NoGi beginners -78 kg Miroslav Hadzhiyski Youngsters NoGi -72 Vladimir Sharkov Youngsters NoGi -60 kg […]


OFF-BALANCE – grappling move in standing or ground game where by physical contact in different directions – forward, backwards, sideways, down – the grappler forces his opponent to move his center of gravity out of the plane of balance, so the opponent to lose his stability posture. FAINTS – grappling move that forces the opponent […]