29.09.2018 ISFA Bulgarian National MMA Open Championship. Vratza, Bulgaria

Congrats to Bully Team Bulgaria for excellent performance at the National MMA Championship held in Vratza, Bulgaria this weekend. With 6 fighters our teammates earned 5 medals (2 golds, 2 silver, 1 bronze) as follows: Miroslav Hadzhijski medalist -70kg Martin Donchev vicechampion -61kg Vladimir Sharkov vicechampion -70kg  Antonio Gaberov champion -61kg Yoan Kochev champion -66kg […]

Comprehensive strength training design for fighters

“Technique is queen, strength is king, you need both to have kingdom.” Ross Enamait When you enter the world of Combat Sports you quickly realize that the popular myth that “technique always beats strength” is nothing more than an old kung-fu movies slogan embraced from martial arts community for the simple reason that illusions sell […]

Low Kick Counter – Leg Hook to Superman Punch

Coach Sev demonstrates one of his favorite tricks that may score you: in Combat Sambo – clear victory in MMA – takedown or KO in Kickboxing – Knockdown or KO For more Combat Sambo & MMA find us: www.fightclubbullyteam.com Facebook Instagram

Grip Training for Combat Sports

Grip strength is very important in all combat sports. In grappling based combat sports the match itself starts with fight for better grip. In striking based combat sports it is known to increase the punching power and was long hidden secret of many heavy hitters. Grip training also adds stability and prevents many wrist injuries […]