Gold Coast David Avellan Seminar Registration

80$ Preregistration Please register: Name Surname If you are serious about grappling and MMA game don’t miss this seminar, because there is no better level of instructor that David, supported by years of competing and coaching at elite level. Don’t miss that opportunity, since the registration is limited and the spots are flying fast! – […]

Bully Team Fight Calendar

  02.04.2018 03.04.2018 Late Registration 07.04.2018 Grappling Industries MELBOURNE 04.04.2018 05.04.2018 06.04.2018 07.04.2018 Grappling Industries MELBOURNE: April 7, 2018 Location: Monash University 08.04.2018 09.04.2018 10.04.2018 11.04.2018 12.04.2018 13.04.2018 14.04.2018 Early Bird Registration 28.04.2018 Grappling Industries SYDNEY: April 28, 2018, Genea Netball Stadium 15.04.2018 16.04.2018 17.04.2018 18.04.2018 19.04.2018 20.04.2018 21.04.2018 22.04.2018 ABJJF South Pacific Championship — Early Bird Registration 06.05.2018 Grappling Industries ADELAIDE 23.04.2018 […]

25.11.2017 Luta Livre/ Combat Sambo workshop

This was another one of the series of workshops we are doing with Tribal MMA Sunshine Coast: We started with Jay Odell‘s Luta Livre headlock game, went trough Combat Sambo combos to takedowns to leglocks, and securing leglocks to an escaping opponent, to finish with some Muai Thai with Patrick Holmes and rolls after. Thanks […]

19.11.2017 Grappling Industries Brisbane, Australia

At 19.11.2017 was held Grappling Industries in Brisbane. Grappling Industries events follow the traditional points structure without advantages. This was our first competition after opening the Bully Team Australia and we was represented by Ameer Mood. Ameer managed to finish all his opponents: Ethan Fenton (Integrated MMA) VS Ameer Mood (Bully Team) – darce choke […]

11.11.2017 Luta Livre cross-training with Tribal MMA

Last Saturday Open Mat, turned into a great exchange of skills and techniques thanks to out guests: Tribal MMA‘s fighters Jay Odell and Michael “Lion Heart” Tepou. Jay is a Luta Livre instructor and showed us some of his chain submissions and leglock Luta Livre techniques, after that we explored some double Sambo submissions and […]