20.02.2021 IMMAFA QLD Open Brisbane Australia

IMMAFA Queensland Open Brisbane was held at 20.02.2021 at Gamebred Academy Brisbane.
Photos of the event thanks to Sergey Kosmynin are posted on the IMMAFA – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia in an album here, you can get your photos directly with original quality without compression from here.

Many lessons learned, notes taken to do it better next time.

I also want to thank to many people:

First I want to thank to the Gamebred Academy gang Jason Lonergan, Loni Doyle Filimoehala, Auryn Oreo Parmley and their athletes and members, that not only gave home to the competition but helped with thousands of invisible small issues on the way. Nothing easier to work with people who genuinely love the sport.

Thanks to Peter Allan and Lilly Kostova for taking care of fighters hands and health. Peter is so good in all this so whatever I say I always feel he needs a lot more recognition for the specialist he is.

I want to thank to Peter Hickmott for securing the officials. And unfortunately I do not have them all as friends in FB but will tag the ones I do: Phil Cassidy, Carl Anderson, AJ Perry – as always very professional, we all have to thank them for protecting the fighters health during the matches – we ended up without any serious injuries for almost nobody thanks to them.

Thanks to the president of IMMAFA Richie Cranny he had to channel his inner pirate and to support the competition on one leg from far. Wish you fast recovery and hope to see you soon.

Thanks to my friend Filip Filyov from Dream PiF Design which I had to wake couple of times to adjust and do some graphics that I need for yesterday. Those guys are pure legends and specialize in building web pages, message them if you need one, they always exceed your expectations!

Special thanks to my friend Sergey Kosmynin for capturing the moments with his camera – you are the best in this!

And finally I want to thank to my Fight Club Bully Team Australia:

Sam Benton for using his crane style techniques balancing the whole competition on the cage to film all the matches.

Dave and Jakki Benton  I love you, and I couldn’t push that trough without all your help.

Thomas Dang for invaluable help – again was on the front front of running the comp and took a lot of the questions and pocking that was directed towards me.

To Viktor Milanov for all the help. Next time I will be happy to see you in the cage.
My student Liam Benton – proud with your achievement, the work you put during the camp for this tournament, you worked hard and win the tournament second time. Well deserved IMMAF Blue Grade:

Final Youth Boys / -61.2 kg Bantamweight / 16-17 years old
Liam Benton (FC Bully Team) VS Lewis Essery Fighter’s Haven – RNC

Bully Team champions record their achievements at Bully Team’s Wall of Fame.
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