19.11.2017 Grappling Industries Brisbane, Australia

At 19.11.2017 was held Grappling Industries in Brisbane. Grappling Industries events follow the traditional points structure without advantages.

This was our first competition after opening the Bully Team Australia and we was represented by Ameer Mood. Ameer managed to finish all his opponents:

Ethan Fenton (Integrated MMA) VS Ameer Mood (Bully Team) – darce choke

James P de Luca (Limitless Performance) VS Ameer Mood (Bully Team) – Guillotine Choke

Ameer Mood (Bully Team) VS Luka Mirkovic (Arte Suave) – Achilles lock

Ameer Mood (Bully Team) VS Alex Goldman (Corporate box) – Guillotine choke

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