16-18 Arnold Sport Festival Melbourne 2018. IMMAFA Senior Qualifying Australian National Championships

Between 16-18.03.2018 in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center was held the Australia’s largest multi-sport Arnold Sports Festival Australia 2018. Part of the games was IMMAFA Senior Qualifying Australian National Championships and IMMAF Oceania International Open. The MMA sport was honored by Arnold Shwarzenegger himself, who passed by to greet the athletes in the warming area and the cage.

Our competitor Ameer Mood made his MMA debut at the IMMAFA Australian Nationals at Male Bantamweight -61.200kg, facing on the final a very experienced opponent, which left him as vice champion at this competition. At the very opening of the fight Ameer did a technical mistake, which his opponent skilfully get advantage from.
Male Bantamweight -61.200kg:
Ameer Mood (Bully Team) VS Victor Gentilella – guillotine

Fighting for first time at such a big forum was good experience and the lessons learned will be applied in future development of our athlete.

IMMAF Oceania International Open provided fights that proved that amateur MMA can be sometimes more skillful and attractive than some professional bouts.
It was great to see female MMA performance on this competition here is one of the female finals
Female Flyweight -56.7kg:
Anne Wilson (NZ Gold) VS Alish Smith (AUS Silver) – points

One of the most impressive performances on this competition was the one of team Japan, which displayed excellent technique and skill. Here are their stories and finals, which happen to be great fights versing team Australia:
The Kyokusin Karate kid, Yamaguci, battled his way to victory as one of two 18-year-old challengers registered to compete. The second youngest man to feature in the Oceania Open clinched a Unanimous Decision triumph over 23-year-old Australian Jean Alexander Romano in the Men’s bantamweight division to pick up a first medal in his debut appearance on the international amateur platform.
Male Bantamweight -61.200kg:
Reo Yamaguchi (JPN Gold) VS Jean Alexander Romano (AUS Silver)

Second of the golden trio, Kohei Maeda, 22, begins 2018 with a history of going the distance with leading championships caliber talent is his previous two IMMAF campaigns, at the 2016 World Championships and 2017 Asian Open. Hoping this to be his breakthrough year, Maeda went all three rounds to clinch a Split-Decision nod over never-say-die Aussie Abzzy Mahdawi.
Male Featherweight -65.800kg:
Kohei Maeda (JPN Gold) VS Abzzy Mahdawi (AUS Silver)

The nation’s elder representative, 29-year-old Kato, also travelled to Melbourne for his first outing under the IMMAF banner, competing in the Men’s lightweight bracket. Kato clinched a decision win for Japan in the finals, besting Australian Jordan Thomas who eliminated New Zealand’s Flynn Booth with a Triangle Choke submission in the semi-finals. Kato takes the gold medal back home to Ageo-Shi, Saitama, where he serves the community as a fireman in addition to his life as a martial artist.
Male Lightweight -70.300kg:
Teruhiko Kato (JPN Gold) VS Jordan Thomas (AUS Silver)

Thanks to IMMAFA for the cooperation and organization of this competition.
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