16.02.2019 Grappling Industries Gold Coast, Australia

At 16.02.2019 was held Grappling Industries Gold Coast, Australia. Our teammate Noureddine Chamma went true up at downs in his preparation for his first competition, including almost being stopped from competing from the coaching staff week before the competition itself. However Noureddine embraced the challenge, find himself into the competition, and was able to show heart.

No Gi Adult / Male / Beginner / Adult / -170 lbs

Noureddine Chamma (FC Bully Team) VS James Ho (Arte Suave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) – points

Zen Zincone (BBA MMA Fitness Facility) VS Noureddine Chamma (FC Bully Team) – armbar

Noureddine Chamma (FC Bully Team) VS Blaine Norris (Shindo New Breed) – armbar

Vishav Gill (De Been 100% Jiu Jitsu) VS Noureddine Chamma (FC Bully Team) – points

We congratulate Noureddine for making the step to start competing and his performance. We wish him to be able to find better balance between his personal and professional responsibilities and his training. We are sure if he dedicate and take his training more seriously soon he will achieve better results.

Bully Team athletes compete equipped by Primus Fight Gear

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