15.12.2018 Real Grappling Challenge 7. Sofia, Bulgaria

We competed at Real Grappling Challenge 7 with 7 competitors that brought to the team 5 medals:

Alexander Petrov – vicechampion youngsters -60 kg

Alexander Petrov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Plamen Dimitrov –

Alexander Petrov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Ivan Zhelyazkov (Sandev Fight Team) –

Ognyan Ognyanov – medallist youngsters -72 kg

Ognyan Ognyanov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Bozhidar Jordanov (FC Atila) –

Alexander Borisov – vicechampion youngsters -78 kg

Alexander Petrov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Daniel Alikanov (Tiger Sport MMA) –

Alexander Petrov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Venislav Vencislavov (MMA Targovishte) –

Miroslav Hadzhijski – beginners -60 kg
Miroslav Hadzhijski (Bully Team/MatSide) VS … – flying armbar

Miroslav Hadzhijski (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Petyo Krustev – golden point

Yoan Kochev – beginners -72 kg
Yoan Kochev (Bully Team/MatSide) VS … – triangle

Yoan Kochev (Bully Team/MatSide) VS … – triangle

After two quick submission victories by triangles, Yoan was not able to finish the competition due to severe tooth pain.

Mario Stefanov – medallist -84 kg advanced
Mario Stefanov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Jordan Bozhichkov (Pitbulls/MatSide) –

Vladimir Pavlov – vicechampion -78 kg advanced

Vladimir Pavlov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Martin Stoichkov (Tiger Sport MMA) –

Vladimir Pavlov (Bully Team/MatSide) VS Vladislav Genov (Pitbulls/MatSide) –

Both Pitbulls Freestyle Fighting and Fight Club Bully Team competing under team Matside become team champion with most medals won on the tournament.

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