14.09.2019 Polaris Contenders 2. Cardiff UK

On 14.09.2019 was held Polaris Contenders 2 in Cardiff UK. Polaris Contenders is designed to give athletes a clear route from “amateur” to “professional”, and a way to fight your way to a spot on Polaris Pro, which is broadcast on UFC Fight Pass.

Stefan Petrov got the chance to compete in the tournament taking it on short notice to replace a 10th Planet London teammate who got injured. In addition to the short notice the spot was two weight classes over his usual competitive weight.

Stefan Petrov won the tournament, taking two matches by points and the semi-final by a heel-hook, becoming the first Bulgarian in Polaris and making all of us proud.
Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS Ludovic Nyemba – points

Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS Connor Mclain – heel-hook

Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS Ben Hills – points

Stefan is trained in 10th Planet London by Jamie Scott and is now preparing for the Polaris professional event October 2019. His opponent will be the Irish Shane Fishman.
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