14.04.2019 Submission only Championships Brisbane Australia

On 14.04.2019 was held Submission Only Championships in Jamboree Heights State School, Brisbane, Australia. The competition was Submission Only Round Robin under IBJJF rules with no time limit for the adults and 5 min match time for the youngsters. Additional challenge for the competitors was the “no coaching rule” which forbids the coaches to corner their competitors during the matches. We entered this competition with five competitors:

Samuel Benton – vice-champion Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -67,0 kg (Feather)
Brodie Dean – vice-champion Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -97,0 kg (Super heavy)
Ameer Mood – vice-champion Male No-Gi / Blue / Adult / -67,0 kg (Feather)
Maddy King – champion Female No-Gi / White / Adult / -61,0 kg (Light)
Liam Benton –champion Boys No-Gi / Grey / Teen II (14yrs) / -58 kg

Samuel Benton
Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -67,0 kg (Feather)

Samuel who is just 17 years old and 60 kg was put into adult bracket and versed with 36 years old man on -67kg. On the top of that his opponent didn’t showed up for the start of their bracket, and Sam had to wait. By all means and common competition rules, this supposed to be disqualification or “no contest” win for Sam. However while watching his teammates compete, Sam didn’t want just a medal, he wanted a fight! His opponent showed 5 hours later than the matched was scheduled:

Samuel Benton (FC Bully Team) VS Mick Collins (Garra BJJ Academy) – Arm Triangle

Sam did a great job executing his game plan and techniques for his 4 months of training – easily took the back of his opponent and just minor mistakes and lack of adult strength stopped him to finish this final in his favour.
At the team we are absolutely proud with Sam’s performance, and also his mental stability, courage, and willing to compete that many older than him don’t possess!

Brodie Dean

Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -97,0 kg (Super heavy)

Brodie showed tremendous improvement since his first competition being dominant in a gruesome 17 minutes long grappling exchange on the final in his division, but got caught in a tricky choke by his opponent.

Brodie Dean (FC Bully Team) VS Joraad Tuaivaafau (Cadoo Martial Arts) – Baseball Bat Choke

Male Absolute No-Gi / Blue / Adult / Open Weight

After that he had no opponent in his Absolute division, so asked the organizer of the competition to include him into the Blue Belt Absolute, where Brodie again showed absolute refusal to give up even against more skilled opponent than him.

Brodie Dean (FC Bully Team) VS Patrick Cook (Infinity BJJ Australia) – Triangle Choke

For the safety of the sport we advise everyone from the team to tap when in danger; however as fighters we cannot help but to admire to the gameness and refusal to give up of our teammate Brodie. With such big heart he will be champion in no time.

Ameer Mood

Male No-Gi / Blue / Adult / -67,0 kg (Feather)

Ameer did an awesome performance with worthy opponents that pushed him to expand his game.

Ameer Mood (FC Bully Team) VS Liam Urwin (Cia Paulista Australia) – Kimura

He also managed to take his small sweet armbar revenge for his last competition

Ameer Mood (FC Bully Team) VS Jayden Kaden (Cadoo Martial Arts) VS – Armbar

Ameer Mood (FC Bully Team) VS Elias Nuralli (FC Jiu Jitsu Australia) – Kimura

Ameer did great on this competition despite his busy work schedule. We hope he will be able to structure his time better soon and to be back training seriously.

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Maddy King

Female No-Gi / White / Adult / -61,0 kg (Light)

Maddy showed huge  improvement since her first competition.

Maddy King (FC Bully Team) VS Amanda Edwards (Garra BJJ Academy ) – RNC

Maddy King (FC Bully Team) VS Jayde Tonks (Cadoo Martial Arts) – RNC

By winning that competition Maddy become the first champion from the PCYC gym and also became the first girl from the Australian team that earned her place on the team Wall Of Fame.

Liam Benton

Boys No-Gi / Grey / Teen II (14yrs) / -58 kg

This was the first competition ever for just 13 years old Liam. He was also moved up from his weight class (-54kg). All this didn’t stop the young Liam to terminate his division with 3 submissions.

Liam Benton (FC Bully Team) VS Nicholas Hadwick (Infinity BJJ Australia) – RNC 02:43

Liam Benton (FC Bully Team) VS Randall Rowan (TMG MMA) – draw 05:00

Liam Benton (FC Bully Team) VS Charlie Reynolds (Garra BJJ Academy) – Armbar 02:15

Liam Benton (FC Bully Team) VS Kees Luffman (Garra BJJ Academy) – Armbar 00:31

By becoming champion from his first comp and earning an entry to the team Wall Of Fame, Liam became the youngest champion produced in the Australian FC Bully Team for that moment.

Bully Team champions record their achievements at Bully Team’s Wall of Fame.

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