06.05.2018 Chloe’s Birthday Party

On 06.04.2018 Iliyana, Ryan & Sev was invited on Chloe’s birthday to teach a private class for a group of 10 years old, Harry Potter inspired magicians. It was the first time ever I had to teach MMA into McDonalds, however that was not the most challenging part – most of the group was already black belts and champions in Taekwondo and Hapkido.
I hope our little students will remember some of the moves that are very common in the sport of MMA and very effective in self-defense situation.
Chloe received from us a pair of Bully Team MMA gloves and team patch as a present.

Thanks to:
– My competitor Ryan Mood, who helped with the demonstration of the techniques (being the bad guy), and did a great job teaching part of our little students today.
– Iliyana for the help and the photos
– The best on-line English teacher in the world Jane Henry for inviting us to demonstrate our sport!

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