03.06.2021 Coach Sev IMMAF Black Belt

International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia:

Although IMMAF and Australian National Coach Sev Kostov has moved back to his home country of Bulgaria we’re honored to be able to announce his Black Belt Certification from IMMAF in London today.

Sevastiyan was a huge part of President Richie Cranny’s team at IMMAFA over the past couple of years, involved in many of the projects that put our federation firmly on the world map.

Before moving to Australia he was the National Combat Sambo Champion several times, multiple Sanda National Champion and multiple Kickboxing National Champion of Bulgaria. He also has an MMA record of: 7-3-1.From all the team at IMMAFA, we congratulate you Coach and hope to see you back here in Australia one day. 👊🏼
 Coach Sevastiyan:
I am honored to receive the highest recognition for my work into MMA sport, and I humbly appreciate the honor and responsibility to be the first Bulgarian to receive IMMAF Black Belt
As you know I hold several black belts for which I do not care much, despite all of them are received by achievements in the sport.
I recently got my BJJ purple belt, after being 14 years blue belt and one of the first blue belts in my country. I never cared about BJJ grading since I am too old to need belt stimulus to train, and I always did BJJ as part of my MMA training.
However this recognition from IMMAF – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is something very dear for me and something I dreamed for. Since MMA is the sport I put all my passion and studies, and the complexity of the sport itself allowed me to showcase myself as a coach, and the depths of it keeps fascinating me, and inspire me to work for development go into rabbit holes for systemizing it.
Last but not least I appreciate this recognition coming from you and the community of high level martial artists behind IMMAF it represents, and I humbly thank you.
Personal thanks to IMMAFA – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia president Richie Cranny, and Brian Ebersole, Joseph Luciano and everyone else from the great coaches and athletes involved in IMMAFA who work selflessly for the MMA sport in Australia.
As I said before, this is one more reason that connects me forever with the team in Australia, and I will always be working for development of the sport whenever I find myself.
I want to thank all my coaches, which shaped me as an athlete and coach:
Mehmed Mehmedov – the person who introduce me to the martial arts path
Vasil Valkov – my first kickboxing coach
Marin Chongov – the coach who taught me to fight
Valentin Davidov – my boxing coach
Krasimir Cholakov – the person who taught me to throw my cross
Iwajlo Nedkov – the most technical boxing coach ever
Emil Apostolov – the coach who made me champion
Vasil Vatov – my sambo coach
Kiril Alexiev – the coach who introduced me to MMA
Stoyan Saladinov – Coach of the Bulgarian National Combat Sambo team and my godfather
Lubomir Guedjev – the coach who introduce me to BJJ
Paulo Rigon – my BJJ coach
Yuliyan Hristov – my wrestling coach
Andrey Moshanov – who raised my coaching skills with his advices
Kristian Popov – my current grappling coach
I want to thank to my family and especially my mother Svetlana Kostova who supported me to train in my early years, and my wife Iliyana who gave me the reason to keep wining in my last competitive years.
Last but not least I want to thank to all champions of FCBT and FCBT Aus – who helped me with their blood and sweat to develop my coaching system. Thank you team for your trust in me and letting me experiment with you to develop my knowledge.
To all my champions:
Vladimir Pavlov
Miroslav Zahariev
Kristiyan Toshkov
Petar Petrov
Dimitrius Floros
Yavor Lazarov
Todor Hristov
George Velkov
Alex Krumov
Stefan Petrov
Emiliya Pavlova
Dimitar Kamenov
Slavi Studenkov
Mario Dimitrov
Vasil Milenkov
Alexander Conev
Bogdan Georgiev
Delyan Iliev
Radoslav Ivanov
Борислав Лазаров
Радина Шуитцова
Ivan Kolev
Jordan Vekilarchev
Svilen Petkov
Viktoriya Teofilova
Daniel Betov
Anita Doganova
Neda Hristova
Ameer Mood
Alex Stanoev
Georgi Georgiev
Mario Stefanov
Miroslav Hadzhijski
Kristiyan Christov
Joan Kochov
Antonio Gaberov
Maddy King
Liam Benton
Shaan Olsen
Martin Donchev
Michael Tepou
Samuel Benton
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