01.04.2018 Combat Sambo National Championships. Panagyurishte, Bulgaria.

At 01.04.2018 in Panagyurishte was held the Combat Sambo National Championships of Bulgaria. In this tournament we participated with two fighters competing under Judo and Sambo team “Kris” Kyustendil.

Mario Stefanov – 84 kg
In the most crowded weight class our competitor Mario faced one of the most attractive MMA fighters in Bulgaria – Stanislav Enchev, and knock him out from the competition with liver kick TKO.
blue Mario Stefanov (Bully Team) VS red Stanislav Enchev – liver kick TKO

Second fight of Mario was with another Bulgarian MMA celebrity – Todor Jhelyazkov, whom Mario defeated with technical superiority
red Mario Stefanov (Bully Team) VS red Todor Jhelyazkov – technical superiority

On the semi-final the pressure from experienced opponents in previous fights influenced the performance of our competitor.
red Mario Stefanov (Bully Team) VS blue … – technical superiority

The last fight of Mario on this competition was for the 3rd place.
blue Mario Stefanov (Bully Team) VS red … – technical superiority

Mario showed great heart facing some of the best MMA fighters in Bulgaria in his weight class. He got valuable experience from this competition, and confidence that he deserves his place between the best in the country.

Miroslav Hadzhijski – 74 kg
The youngest competitor on the tournament won his first match by attractive head knee KO, which was the only KO on the competition.
red Miroslav Hadzhijski (Bully Team) VS … – knee KO

This brought him to the final:
blue Miroslav Hadzhijski (Bully Team) VS red … – technical superiority

Where he remained vice-champion for this competition

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