Use of mat/cage area for tactical purposes has great significance in a fight.

  1. If the attacking fighter establishes an effective hold for submission and the defending fighter is trying to escape the mat or to climb the cage, it is necessary effort to be applied to turn opponents head towards the center of the mat/cage.
  2. If the attacker is performing a pin, and the defender is trying to escape, in this case the attacking fighter has to turn the defenders head at least not to be pointing the edge of mat/cage.
  3. If the opponent stands near the end of the mat or cage wall, it is necessary to bring him at the center of mat/cage before takedown attack.
  4. In the same time the fighter intending to perform takedown attack, but hesitating in the success of his takedown, have to take such position on the mat/cage, so his opponents counter attack bring him to the edge of the mat/cage.

EXERCISE Tip for Training of the Use of Mat/Cage Area for Tactical Purposes: Free ground fighting sparring at small size mat is used for training of mat-edge-orientation. For this purpose the coach establishes small squares 2m/2m at the training mat and gives condition for the fighters to roll only at this area.

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