The Fight Is All Podcast #41 Mikhail Mazur

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In this episode I talk with one of the key figures in IMMAF
Mikhail Mazur
Is IMMAF – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Data & Analytics Manager
His former experience includes:
Director Of Communications and Information for World MMA Association
Newsmaker & Coordinator for M-1 Global
While his work often going unnoticed, Mikhail and his team ensures smooth running of IMMAF events, from registration to publishing the results. He is based in Vietnam, where he works for promoting IMMAF in the region.
We talked about the steps ahead of IMMAF for the Olympic recognition of the MMA sport, incentives for local athletes and promoters to join the IMMAF federations, and how IMMAF is organising the upcoming 30.07-01-08.2021 IMMAF Youth MMA World Championships Sofia, Bulgaria
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I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Before we go further with the episode I want to let you know about my student Liam Benton:
He is 15 years old Australian MMA athlete from Gold Coast QLD. His family is trying to raise money to get him to Sofia, Bulgaria to represent Australia in the IMMAF Youth MMA World Championships in July!
Liam has been working so hard to make his dreams a reality and he is so close to making them happen. But this is particularly tricky at the moment due to COVID. It is a very big privilege and honour to compete in the World Championships and we are so very proud of him to have gotten to this level in the sport that he loves and wants to pursue as his career.
All the money that will be raised will go towards the registration, flights, accommodation and quarantine costs on his return to Australia. His Dad will also be travelling with him, to support and corner Liam on his fights.
Thank you so much for your support and I hope you decide to help make his dream a reality too!
Thank you.

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