The Fight Is All Podcast #37 Dmitry Maximov

Hi and thank you for tuning in to The Fight Is All Podcast. This episode is different from the others and it is very sport specific.
The record is provided by the Sambo Federation of Australia, and it is the Sambo refereeing seminar conducted for the Australian federation by

Dmitry Maximov
Sports Director of the International SAMBO Federation

The seminar was participated from coaches from around Australia. It is very sport specific and if you listen to this by audio I highly recommend switching to the video version for this episode, because it contains a lot of video material for certain specific situations and details of Sambo refereeing.

In the beginning of the episode for people not familiar with Sambo & Combat Sambo rule set I am giving brief background of the rules, so all the details later provided by Dmitry Maximov have a base upon.

As part of development of Sambo sport in Australia, I am offering series of free Sambo workshops in Queensland. To book a free Sambo & Combat Sambo workshop in your academy in Queensland contact me on Telegram.

To follow the development of Sambo in Australia, to train or book a seminar go to:
Instagram: /Samboaustralia
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For South Australia:
Instagram: /Sambo_federation_sa
For NSW:
Instagram: /Sambo_nsw
For QLD:
Telegram: /SamboQLD
Facebook: /SamboQLD
I hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I did!

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