The Fight Is All Podcast #28 Reo Yamaguchi

Hi and thank you for tuning in to The Fight Is All Podcast. In this episode I talk with a MMArtist representing Japan:
山口怜臣 Reo Yamaguchi
-Kyokushin Karate Black Belt
-Kyokushin Karate Japan National Champion
-JMMAF National Champion
-2 times IMMAF World Vice-champion
One of my old coaches was saying “fighters all over the world carry the same blood, and they always will find a way to understand each other”. This applies with full power to this episode with one of my personal favorite fighters in IMMAF. While battling the language barrier with Reo Yamaguchi we managed to speak about valuable tips for tournament style weight cut, representing traditional martial arts in MMA and proper pathway for an MMA athlete. This episode also proves that Reo’s English is way better than my Japanese.
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