The Fight Is All Podcast #19 Kristian Popov

Hi and thank you for tuning in to The Fight Is All Podcast, in this episode I talk with one of the best European grapplers
Kristian “The Minister of Heel Hook” Popov
BJJ Black Belt under Bernardo Serrini
NAGA European Champion (3 times)
Real Grappling Challenge Champion (8 times)
ISFA Europe Champion (2 times)
ISFA World Champion 90kg (2017)
ISFA World Absolute Champion (2017)
Bulgarian ADCC Champion (8 times)
Romanian ADCC Gold Medalist (3 times)
Bulgarian Grappling League Champion (3 times),
King of The Beach – 83kg Elite Champion (2016)
EEBJJF East European Champion (2 times)
NAGA Germany No-Gi Elite Champion (2015)
NAGA Germany Black Belt Heavyweight Champion GI (2018)
ISFA World Cup Winner (2 times)
Pro MMA: 1-0
Kris is training and coaching in one of the best gyms in Bulgaria
Pitbulls Freestyle Fighting
I am very good friend with Kris’s coach Emil Kazakov and with Kris as well, and as you will see we could talk for ages, and I enjoyed this episode a lot. I hope you will enjoy and learn from this episode as much as I did.

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