The Fight Is All Podcast #12 Petar Vladov

If you ever taught that traveling knighthood is dead, you were totally wrong! In this episode I talk with a Historical Medieval Battle Champion how mixed martial arts techniques are applicable in medieval full contact combat. My guest
Petar Vladov is:
– 4 times Serbian Tap Fight Champion
– Champion of the greatest Romanian Tap Fight Festival – Oradea
– Champion of the greatest Hungarian Tap Fight Festival – Szigethalom
– 2 times Serbian HMB Sword and Shield Champion
– His Mercenary Squad – Baradj are dominating multiple Bulgarian National Champions and also Champions of Serbia and Romania in Bridge Fight
– He is also an active BJJ practitioner and blue belt champion from No Gi Sofia Open 2018
– Petar took by storm the most recent tournament where he was awarded for most valuable fighter for winning the HMB sword and shield tournament, getting first place also in the early medieval Tap Fight and competing as a mercenary for the Brown Bear Company Team in the 5 VS 5 tournament

You can follow Petar at the links in the description:
Ladies and gentleman with this episode I give to you the best sword on the Balkans.

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