Combat Sambo rules

Competitions in Combat Sambo are held in accordance with the given Rules and some additions:
Evaluations of the bout and technical actions:

KNOCKOUT – irreplaceable loss of the possibility to defend as a result of the missed blow: up to the count 10 the fighter
can’t come to consciousness and assume the fighting position.
Note: the athlete who got knockout on his head is eliminated from the competitions.
KNOCKDOWN – temporary loss of the possibility to defend as a result of the missed blow: up to the count 10 the fighter
completely recovers consciousness and assumes the fighting position.
Note: with “knockdown” evaluation the position of the defender’s body relative to the mat is also evaluated according to the
Sambo Rules and the evaluation is summed up.
The athlete received during one meeting two knockdown, should be disqualified.
Article 44. Legal (allowed) technical actions
1. Blow techniques.
The blow is an impulsive technical action with the rectilinear or curvilinear trajectory executed by the arms, legs or the head
to the parts of the body permitted by the Rules with the definite speed and strength.
The blows are evaluated if after applying the technical action the opponent completely lost his balance and fell down on a
certain part of the body and is evaluated according to the Rules.
1.1. Hand blows may be delivered by any part of the fist (except the base of the palm), with the elbow to the front and
side part of the head, the trunk, arms and legs and also to the groin.
1.2. Leg blows are delivered with the knee, shin, foot, heel to the front or the side part of the head (except the oncoming
blow with the knee when the opponent passes to the legs), the trunk, on the legs (the inner and outside part of the thigh or
the shin) and to the groin.
1.3. Blows with the hands, legs and head in the ground position (except the back of the head, the neck and the rear part
of the back, the loins, the coccyx and anus) are allowed if the attacker is also on the ground.
The ground position is defined according to the Sambo Rules.
1.3.1. Elbow blows are allowed except the oncoming blow to the head or collar bone when dragging the opponent by the
opposite sleeve or the jacket lapel.
1.3.2. Blows to the head are delivered under the condition that the attacker and defender wear helmets.
2. Throwing techniques
2.1. All kinds of throws applied in Sports Sambo are allowed.
3. Ground techniques
3.1. PAINFUL HOLDS in the ground position that are allowed in Sambo and also painful holds in standing (Armlocks)
including Arm Bar (“Police hold”) may be applied..
NOTE: During the application of a painful hold in case the defender resumes his standing position the bout is not stopped.
In such a situation the defender may guard himself by throwing his opponent to the mat (except landing on the head).
3.2. STRANGLES (chokes) mean technical actions when the opponent’s neck is squeezed preventing his normal breath or
making him faint. They are held both in standing and ground positions.
Strangles may be executed with the arms, legs and clothing.
3.2.1. Strangles with the arms are allowed only on the forearm of the attacked arm, not lead to the twisting of the neck part
of the spine.
3.2.2. Strangles by the clothing are allowed only by the lapels of the Sambo jacket (except the belt).
3.2.3. Strangles with the legs are allowed only if the impact on the neck is made with the gripped arm of the defender.
3.3. HOLD-DOWNS – all that are permitted by the Rules.
3.4. An athlete who has lost consciousness when conducting a strangles, should be disqualified.
Article 45. Illegal technical actions
a) strike blows with the fingers and toes, open glove and the base of the palm;
b) apply painful holds on the neck, spine, hand and foot;
c) strike blows with the arms and legs from standing to the opponent in who is in ground position;
d) strike blows on the neck, arm and leg joints ( knee and foot arch) when fixing the attacked extremity in the direction
against the natural flexion, the back of the head and spine, the loin, coccyx and annul hole, on the eyes with the fingers;
e) strike blows on the head if one of the fighters has no helmet;
f) throws forbidden in Sambo and also throws with the hold of the neck;
g) painful holds on muscles or joints forbidden in Sambo with the exception of painful holds by arm bar and the situation of
its application ( that is the ones allowed in standing position);
h) violation of discipline, rude unethical conduct toward the opponent, participants, officials or spectators.

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