Principles Of Improving Punching Power

There are a number of ways to increase your punching power. But, the most important way initially is to cultivate good form. In talking about good form, we’ll start with alignment and work from there. Bone Alignment With good form, you derive your power from proper bone alignment. From there, any of the other key […]

06.05.2018 Chloe’s Birthday Party

On 06.04.2018 Iliyana, Ryan & Sev was invited on Chloe’s birthday to teach a private class for a group of 10 years old, Harry Potter inspired magicians. It was the first time ever I had to teach MMA into McDonalds, however that was not the most challenging part – most of the group was already […]

Starting MMA with a background?

Considering the recent talk about another stupid McGregor Mayweather fight in the making, this time in MMA rules, it is amazing how many people still do not realize how dominant the MMA sport is over the other single combat sports. Every of the single combat sports actually has gaps that a well rounded MMA fighter […]

07.04.2018 2018 NAGA UK Grappling Championship. London, UK.

On 07.04.2018 was held prestigious Grappling competition NAGA UK in London. Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … – points Stefan Petrov attacked elite division only a year after competing in white belts… Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … – points … And reached the medal matches… Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … […]

01.04.2018 Combat Sambo National Championships. Panagyurishte, Bulgaria.

At 01.04.2018 in Panagyurishte was held the Combat Sambo National Championships of Bulgaria. In this tournament we participated with two fighters competing under Judo and Sambo team “Kris” Kyustendil. Mario Stefanov – 84 kg In the most crowded weight class our competitor Mario faced one of the most attractive MMA fighters in Bulgaria – Stanislav […]

19.05.2018 at Leicester Ultra MMA in UK, Borislav is fighting cancer

Hi everybody, I am not going to tell you about the people I lost due to Cancer or the people close to me whom I witnessed to suffer because of this terrible disease. Obviously, these days everyone has lost somebody or has watched someone close to them suffer because of Cancer, everybody has seen the […]

24.03.2018 Grappling Lockdown Queensland 41. Albion, Brisbane, Australia

24.03.2018 Grappling Lockdown Queensland 41. Albion, Brisbane, Australia At 24.03.2018 was held Lockdown Queensland 41 grappling tournament at Albion, Brisbane, Australia. Novice -77kg division Ryan faced a strong opponent in his first fight Ryan Mood (Bully Team) VS … – kimura Intermediate -62kg division Just one week after his MMA debut Ameer jumped into a […]

16-18 Arnold Sport Festival Melbourne 2018. IMMAFA Senior Qualifying Australian National Championships

Between 16-18.03.2018 in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center was held the Australia’s largest multi-sport Arnold Sports Festival Australia 2018. Part of the games was IMMAFA Senior Qualifying Australian National Championships and IMMAF Oceania International Open. The MMA sport was honored by Arnold Shwarzenegger himself, who passed by to greet the athletes in the warming area […]

Mental training is your job!

“Training is 90% physical and 10% mental, while fighting is 90% mental and 10% physical.” There is nothing that describes the importance of mental training more than that. The combat sports present great mental challenge of direct confrontation with another human being trained to defeat you. In the process of your development as a fighting […]