Under regime we understand detailed order of life, work, rest, nutrition, sleep etc. Strictly established and rigorous followed regime is the basic condition for success in the sport of fighting. For creation of rational regime it is necessary to be planned, when and what the fighter have to do during the day, the week, the […]

Self-Training As a Method of Will Development for Fighters

Physical culture, especially involvement in any sport, is impossible without SELF-TRAINING. SELF-TRAINING for an athlete is developed by performing list of requirements. First of all you should KNOW YOURSELF, being able to ACCESS YOUR POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES, assessing critically your own behaviour. One has to be able to LISTEN TO OTHERS opinion as well. Developing Self […]

Tactics in Sport Fighting

I. UNDERSTANDING TACTICS IN SPORT FIGHTING Under the term “tactics” we understand the ability of a fighter to assess the situation development in a fight and according that to choose most appropriate way to the victory. Tactics in sport fighting includes the following elements: COLLECTING INFORMATION about developing situation at competition ANALYZING the received information […]

How Conor McGregor lost the mental game being master of it

Many mental game principles played against Conor: 1. He had MORE TO LOOSE because he had to prove his talk, and he had his wife and son watching – you can talk but you can not ignore the pressure of losing in front of the eyes of the people who really love you. No man […]

Comprehensive strength training design for fighters

“Technique is queen, strength is king, you need both to have kingdom.” Ross Enamait When you enter the world of Combat Sports you quickly realize that the popular myth that “technique always beats strength” is nothing more than an old kung-fu movies slogan embraced from martial arts community for the simple reason that illusions sell […]

Grip Training for Combat Sports

Grip strength is very important in all combat sports. In grappling based combat sports the match itself starts with fight for better grip. In striking based combat sports it is known to increase the punching power and was long hidden secret of many heavy hitters. Grip training also adds stability and prevents many wrist injuries […]

7 MMA sparring tips for beginners

One of your first achievements in an MMA gym is when you receive permission from your coach to join the sparrings. However while this is one of the most fun activities of your training it can also be quite frustrating if you are just started your journey in the world of MMA sport. You were […]

Conditioning the shins and common mythology

UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT CONDITIONED SHIN MEANS One of the most common questions from beginners in the gym are: “How to condition my shins? It hurts so much when I train. How do I make my shins harder?” First, you must realize that a conditioned shin is one with deadened nerves. The shin is already hard […]

How not to Flinch, Blink or Turn Away in a Fight

You see it in a lot of students who are just beginning to spar in any striking combat sport. They are scared and aren’t sure what they are doing. When a punch or kick comes at them, they react — they flinch, cover their head, blink their eyes, and sometimes even turn their back. You […]

Principles Of Improving Punching Power

There are a number of ways to increase your punching power. But, the most important way initially is to cultivate good form. In talking about good form, we’ll start with alignment and work from there. Bone Alignment With good form, you derive your power from proper bone alignment. From there, any of the other key […]