Combat Sambo rules

Competitions in Combat Sambo are held in accordance with the given Rules and some additions: Evaluations of the bout and technical actions: KNOCKOUT – irreplaceable loss of the possibility to defend as a result of the missed blow: up to the count 10 the fighter can’t come to consciousness and assume the fighting position. Note: […]

18.02.2018 WAKO Fight Series 1. Canungra QLD, Australia

18.02.2018 was held WFS1 in Canungra QLD Australia. Thanks to WAKO Australia for well organised competition and great sportsmanship. Our team participated with two competitors, competing for first time in MMA rules: Ryan Mood – Modified MMA Beginners  vice-champion Ameer Mood – Modified MMA Intermediate champion Modified MMA Beginners Semi Final: Ryan Mood did a […]

05.02.2018 Gold Coast David Avellan Kimura Trap Seminar. Australia.

At 05.02.2018 at FC Bully Team we hosted the Gold Coast seminar from the Australian Kimura Trap Seminar Tour of David Avellan. David showed us great details from the system. Was great experience to be able to learn the KTS from the source, and meeting a pure awesomeness of David Avellan. Thanks for the details and […]

04.02.2018 British No Gi Open. Stoke-On-Trent, UK.

On 04.02.2018 was held British NoGi Open. London, UK. Stefan Petrov entered this completion for 8 hard grappling battles: Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … – points Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … – injury Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … – points Stefan Petrov (10th Planet London) VS … – points […]

21.01.2018 Grappling Industries Brisbane. Australia.

At 21.01.2018 was held Grappling Industries Brisbane in Australia, where our team participated with two absolute debutants: – 155 lbs Thomas Dang Thomas Dang (Bully Team) VS Ryan T M Hughes (Sublimate BJJ) – RNC Chris Herman (PUMMA) VS Thomas Dang (Bully Team) – armbar Thomas Dang (Bully Team) VS Harrison Tracey (Corporate Box Ip) […]

13.01.2018 SFC6: Warrior Honor. Sofia, Bulgaria.

At 13.01.2018 was held SFC6: Warrior Honour in “Arena Armeec” Sofia, Bulgaria. The 5 hours fight night include semi-pro 8 man lightweight tournament between the best teams in the country. We are proud to announce the winner of this tournament and SFC semi-pro lightweight tournament champion: Yoan Kochev from Bully Team Kyustendil. Yoan was the […]


Sometimes we are forced to skip our gym session due to various odds: work, family, social. However this is not an excuse to miss training. As an athlete you should look to your way to be a champion as a long run: sometimes you run, sometimes you walk slowly, sometimes you even crawl, but you […]

“What is next for Sambo?” by Andrew Moshanov

By Andrew Moshanov FIAS Head of Development 2012-2017 “IOC recognized as new Olympic sports Muai-Thai and Cheerleading. Sambo was victimized due global political intrigues. In the current geopolitical circumstances who would dare to expect anything different? This outcome was quite predictable, but not many wished to face this challenge and pretended this could not happen. […]

06.12.2017 Frank Mir Seminar. Gold Coast, Australia.

At 06.12.2017 we visited the Frank Mir Gold Coast Seminar hosted by Apex Training Academy. The two time world champion being also a great instructor demonstrated some principles of his front headlock and leg-lock game. Thanks to Apex Training Academy for providing us the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the world, and […]