26.11.2022 Real Pain Challenge High Voltage Plovdiv Bulgaria

On 26.11.2022 was held a fight night from the Real Pain Challenge promotion. As always being best promotion in Bulgaria the organisation was great. Our teammate Georgi Georgiev fought Hristo Bonchev in light heavyweight Congratulations to Hristo Bonchev who survived the fight and managed to do just enough to get the w handed to him […]

22.11.2022 Guest Coach Mariya Koleva from Team Archangel

Thanks to the guest coach Mariya Koleva from Team Archangel for the training. We worked over: coordination and mobility Judo for NoGi and MMA Ground game from Mount & Full Guard Thanks to everyone who attended the class, hope it was as interesting as it was for me. Contact us at t.me/MMACoaching and follow us at: […]

21.11.2022 Petar Pavlov Yellow Grade Test

Congratulations to Petar who went through Yellow Grade of the Technical Progression System in the team. All Bully Team students, including long practicing ones, go trough all the levels. MMA athletes can appreciate the benefits of a structured syllabus covering all aspects of the MMA game. Petar Pavlov Is a former sprint athlete Trains in […]

19.11.2022 ISFA Gi & NoGi Sofia Open 2022 Bulgaria

On 19.11.2022 in Levski Sikonko Hall Sofia, Bulgaria was held ISFA Gi & NoGi Sofia Open 2022. Three of our athletes participated in this competition: Blagovest Georgiev Male No-Gi / Beginner / Adult / 74kg Stoyan Andonov Male No-Gi / Intermediate / Adult / 68kg and Male Absolute No-Gi / Advanced / Adult / Open Weight Daniel […]

13.11.2022 IFBB Mediterranean Championships St Julians, Malta

On 13.11.2022 was held the IFBB Mediterranean Championships at St Julians, Malta island. Our nutritional and supplementation coach Iliyana Ilieva-Kostova as part of the Bulgarian national team competed in Master Women’s Bikini 35-39 Years Open division. In a packed category with very strong competitors Iliyana won prestigious 3rd place. Bulgarian National Team placed 4th in the […]