The Fight Is All Podcast #11 Ameer Mood

Ameer Mood In this episode with talk about the unique druze culture, his story for his supposed-to-be-spiritual trip to Nepal and funny experience with the hallucinogenic mad honey and he also gives a shady travel hack on the top of it. You can follow Ameer at Instagram And what follows is the funniest episode I […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #10 Hayden Absalom & Stuart Ashby

Hayden Absalom & Stuart Ashby Hayden is the first Australian IMMAF Youth MMA medallist from the historically first Youth MMA World Championship held in Rome August 2019. He is coached by Stuart Ashby in TMG MMA in Brisbane who is very experienced both in fighting and coaching. To follow or train with the TMG MMA […]

The Fight Is All Podcast #9 Ervis Pashollari

Ervis Pashollari is 3rd degree black belt in Olympic Taekwondo and A Class kickboxing instructor and Certified IMMAF instructor in Albania He started his MMA program as my affiliate and we talk about his impressions after the first IMMAF MMA coaching certification course in Albania organised by Federata Shqipëtare e Ndeshjes së Lirë-MMA. Ervis is […]