20.05.2018 ICN Brisbane Classic – Miss Australia

At 20.05.2018 was held ICN Brisbane Classic – Miss Australia. Iliyana Kostova won top 3 in bikini fitness under 35, and top 6 in sports model. For more pictures and comments, please visit our Facebook page or follow us in Instagram. For more fitness and wellness lifestyle follow Iliyana at her Facebook Page or Instagram

19.05.2018 UMMA Leichester UK

On 19.05.2018 our friend and teammate Borislav Lazarov took the challenge to fight for charity of Cancer Research UK. Borislav works as a scientist-chemist, and he jumped in the cage after long interruption of training, to fight for better world. We are proud with Borislav and if you wish to support his noble cause, please visit […]

Principles Of Improving Punching Power

There are a number of ways to increase your punching power. But, the most important way initially is to cultivate good form. In talking about good form, we’ll start with alignment and work from there. Bone Alignment With good form, you derive your power from proper bone alignment. From there, any of the other key […]

06.05.2018 Chloe’s Birthday Party

On 06.04.2018 Iliyana, Ryan & Sev was invited on Chloe’s birthday to teach a private class for a group of 10 years old, Harry Potter inspired magicians. It was the first time ever I had to teach MMA into McDonalds, however that was not the most challenging part – most of the group was already […]