19.05.2019 BJJ Winter Australian Open Byron Bay, NSW

On 19.05.2019 in Byron Bay NSW was held BJJ Winter Australian Open Byron Bay 2019. Our team participated with two competitors:
Brodie Dean – vice-champion – Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -91,0 kg (Heavy)
Maddy King – champion – Female No-Gi / White / Adult / -61,0 kg (Light)

Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -91,0 kg (Heavy)
Brodie entered the competition very strong scoring a 12:0 victory in his first match:
Brodie Dean (FC Bully Team) VS Alex Renton One Purpose BJJ – points

Strangely just before the final of his division he was called for a match into the Absolute:

Male Open Weight No-Gi / White / Adult / Open Weight
Brodie Dean (FC Bully Team) VS Brady Spear (Carlson Gracie Team) – Arm Triangle

Minutes after his match in the absolute with a huge opponent he had to jump back and play his final:

Male No-Gi / White / Adult / -91,0 kg (Heavy)
Brodie Dean (FC Bully Team) VS Brent Smith (Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside) – Gogoplata

Despite all the odds, Brodie showed very good performance and improvement against strong opponents and became vice-champion in his division.

Female No-Gi / White / Adult / -61,0 kg (Light)

Maddy was pulled up from her weight class, so she was 5 kg below 61kg when we arrived on the competition, where we found that her opponent couldn’t make weight and she is 5 kg over. Despite the 10 kg difference our camp decided to have the match and both girls put a great performance with Maddy walking out as a champion with the gold from this competition:

Maddy King (FC Bully Team) VS Amy Dummigan (C4 BJJ) – kimura

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