16.05.2019 IMMAFA Technical Progression Scheme Grading Test

Congrats to the first members of the team that defended their IMMAF Yellow Grades in IMMAF-WMMAA Technical Progression Scheme today:
Maddy, Liam, Sam and David

IMMAF and WMMAA which are the world governing bodies for amateur MMA in the world introduces Technical Progression Grading System. As members of the federation our IMMAF-WMMAA recognized coaches conducted testing and certification under the IMMAFA Technical Progression Grading System for the members of the team.

For the ones who couldn’t make it last night, keep working hard on the details of your technique next grading test date will be in several months.

 It is honor for our team to be part of the historical crusade of the MMA sport towards the Olympics.
For all fellow coaches do not miss the opportunity to be part of IMMAFA – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia the next coaching accreditation course is dated at 15-16.06.2019
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